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to take the journey very few men are brave enough to take?

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Welcome to the Praus movement.  

God created men and women in His own image.  He called that design, "very good".   So, we can conclude that men need women; and women need men.  Together, and only together, can God’s character be fully revealed.

So, when one gender is struggling, the other is weaker for it.  And here's the thing:  Men are in crisis.  For example, 20% of UK men die before they reach 60.  80% of all suicides are committed by men.  96% of the prison population are men.  Rates of violence against women continue to rise, and the instances of depression and anxiety continues to increase amongst the male population.   

All is not well in the hearts of men.  And that is the root cause - a full, blown spiritual assault on men's hearts.  From father wounds, to rejection, to trauma, to the ever-changing definitions of masculinity which move further and further away from God's design, the assault is relentless. 


The Praus Movement exists to help men like you fight back.  To bravely pursue the healing you need, to battle back against the things that negatively impact your heart, and to help you to become more like Jesus, who described his own heart as 'Praus'.

So, are you ready to take that courageous first step.


Find out how below.

Step 1 - Learn about Praus 

Do you want God to release you into your calling?  Would you like to inherit the earth?  Then uou will need to be praus at a heart-level

Step 2 - Get involved 

Camping in Mountains

Step 3 - Gain wisdom


Step 4 - Connect with us

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"I am gentle ['Praus'] and lowly in heart"

Jesus - Matthew 11:29

We are the Praus Movement

Great Men with immense strength which is contained and controlled for the betterment of others. 

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