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Hang outs

Join or Create a Hang Out

Gentlemen, there is a crisis among us:  loneliness.  Very few of us have a band of brothers, a tribe, a group of guys that we can turn to make good times and help us overcome the bad ones.   


So let's change that.  On this page you can either create a hang out or search for one.  As men tend to thrive on more indirect communication (doing things together based on mutual interest or purpose) rather than direct (sat face to face talking) we recommend your hang-out has an activity you love at its heart - e.g. watching the rugby, playing computer games, going surfing, tackling a societal problem like poverty, making music, going to the movies, eating food or going fishing etc.  Perhaps you could even learn something new.  

These hang-outs could be ongoing or a one-off e.g. do you want to watch a particular football match or see a film at the cinema? 

To create a hang out click here.  

To find and attend a hang out, simply search the opportunities below and fill in your details.  

Please note, all initial communications are managed centrally, so your contact details will only be shared with the hang out organiser, who will then send you the details of their hang out.  

For safeguarding reasons this is only available to over 18 year olds.  


Click on the link. Sign up. Wait for the organiser to contact you. It's that simple.

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