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Man or fisherman firing red maritime distress signal flare on winter time. Portrait of mal

Light the Flare

Support for men going through tough times.

Every great mountaineer has that story.

The one where they got into trouble, and nearly paid the ultimate price.

It always starts well.  But then something terrible happens.  Something that they couldn't foresee or control: a freak snow storm, falling rocks, an avalanche, a sudden illness.  With the sun going down, and darkness surrounding them, they have nowhere to go.  Their fate is out of their hands. They literally can't see any way out - one wrong step for example, and they are dead.

So, they do the right thing.  They light a flare and call out for help.  Sometimes, the mountaineer is helped and they are able to continue their climb.  Other times, they get brought back down the mountain - down but not out.  They will climb again.  Better, stronger and wiser.

Life is like that.  Tough times come to everyone.  Sometimes it feels like being on that mountain ledge - overcome by darkness with seemingly no way forward.  When that time comes - don't do it alone.  Light the flare.

How it works

A man is holding a torch. Signal torch at night. A man needs help. A sign of help. A brigh

Step 1 - Light the flare

Simply fill in the form below or email us, and we will get in contact within 24 hours to arrange a meet up.

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Step 2 - Meet with us

We will meet where you want, when you want (for coffee, a walk etc) to chat things through.

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Step 3 - Create a plan

Need longer term chats? Count us in. Need counselling or other support? We will help you find the right option.

Light the flare

Thanks for your message. Sorry to hear you are going through a tough time. We will be in contact shortly. Any questions, email:


"We must reject the idea that our struggles with depression disqualify us from our destiny. Our inner battles do not preclude us from achieving great things: they qualify us."

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