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Men in Crisis

The bottom of our mountain.

Summary of a Crisis


The current ratio of men to women at Urban Crofters

1 in 5

of UK men die before they reach 60 years old.


Men are three times more likely to become dependent on alcohol, and three times as likely to take drugs regularly.


In the last Government National Wellbeing survey, men reported emphatically lower levels of life satisfaction than ever before.


of men asked in a large Equimundo study, say they trust one or more “men’s rights,” anti-feminist or pro-violence voices (Andrew Tate, Proud Boys, Oath Keepers and others). That figure rises to 46% in young men.


The current ratio of men to women in UK churches (Tearfund)


of UK suicides are committed by men.


of people in UK prison's are men.


Over 40 million men in the USA are now frequent visitors to pornography sites, with the porn industry now worth more than all three of America’s biggest TV stations combined. 


of men asked in the same Equimundo study, believed that their best years were behind them.  18-23 year old men were found to have the least optimism about their futures.


of 4,000 men asked would be comfortable in church.  50% of them were comfortable in a women's lingerie shop. 


of rough sleepers in the UK are men.


is the percentage increase of sexual offences reported to the police from the previous year.

There are more homes without fathers, and more kids abandoned completely by their fathers, than at any point in recorded history. 


increase in divorces granted in the last recorded year.

Snowy Forest

Why are men in crisis?

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