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Resources for Expedition Teams

About Expedition Teams

  • Expedition Teams are made up of 3-5 blokes (at Urban Crofters, this will be your existing DNA group)

  • They meet regularly (recommended at least once per fortnight). 

  • They do activities they enjoy together e.g. fishing, hiking, working out, going to the pub, having a movie night etc (you choose). 

  • They do regular devotionals/studies together to develop character.  This is the discipling aspect of The Praus Movement.  You can find these devotionals/studies here.

  • They do life together - providing support, accountability, challenge and fun. 

Studies & Devotionals

The following resources have been selected for your Expedition Teams to work through.  Simply watch the videos (either before you meet and/or during your time together) and answer the questions together.  New resources are being added all the time and will communicated to you as they are.

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