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Are you ready

to take the journey very few men are brave enough to take?

The long, hard climb to your summit

The summit is your destiny.  It is the realisation of becoming the person that you were born to be - a man of immense purpose, calling, responsibility and character.  A giant of a man who has a great impact on those he is called to care for - his family, his friends, his church, his community, his world. 

It sounds great doesn't it?  But we have a warning for you:  very few men make it to their summit.  That's because the road to it is less travelled.  It's dangerous, harsh, tough, painful and exhaustingIt is paved with setbacks, falls, crises, and excruciating ascents and descents.  Make no mistake, this journey will humble you, it will pull you out of your comfort zone, and it will change you: for the better. 


For many, the journey asks to too much.  But for the brave few the pull of the summit is too strong.  For they know, they need to become all they were created to be - not just for themselves but for those they are called to be responsible for.

If you want to be one of the brave, join us.  For we exist to help you navigate the epic climb ahead.  To help you enjoy it, to embrace it, and to reach heights you never thought possible.  We cannot do the journey for you, but we can certainly come with you.

Are you ready to begin?

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Step 1:  Be brave, sign up

An epic journey begins with a single step.  For you, that means signing up to The Praus Movement.

Step 2: Read the Guidebook

Read this short guide which covers the power of 'praus', and the path to it.  Essential reading if you are going to make it to the summit.

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Step 3: Get involved

Join an Expedition Group, go out on adventures with The Ten Tenners, create or join a hang out, grab a coffee with a mentor, sign up for our events. 

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Step 4: Use our resources

Like any great mountaineer you are going to need to pull out different resources at different stages for your climb.  Check out 'Fireside Chats' our blog for men, as well as cool stuff for every stage of the adventure - for fathers, husbands, kings and sons.

Foggy Mountains

Step 5: Stay connected

When you are scaling dangerous heights, you need to stay in contact with basecamp.  Keep connected via our social media, so we can keep you up-to-date.

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