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Wild Camp &
Hike 2023

17 brave men went out into the cold and rain. 

Steak, cooked breakfast, beers by the fire. 

Overnight camping in the elements. 

Some didn't bring waterproof tents. 

But all survived. 

Check out the photos below. 

One (wet and) wild night

The morning after 

Heroes go hiking

Final thoughts from the Expedition Leader

"One warm night in Mountain Ash, sixteen brave souls went out to camp, the fire was roaring, the food got cooked, the tarps went up and the tents too, the beer got flowing, the banter kept growing, the rain started falling but we were rescued by doughnuts.


Merbow was invented by Chris H the self proclaimed king of gentleness himself, a combination between merlot and strongbow.


Ric's potatoes were incredible, and his axe so sharp. Chris's tent was so big we called it a palace and Isaac got 10 hours sleep.


The farm pig had been slaughtered, and its bacon and sausage was cooked by wild man Stephen and eaten by all and the eggs fried sadly by a villa fan (Editors note - his name is Mike Barnes and he deserves to be named and shamed) who I think burned his shirt on the fire or at least should have.


A bunch of us then hiked through the day, neck deep in mud, ok ankle deep apart from Ric who was diving head first in puddles. Matt got us lost and shock horror, Andy cut his finger, bless!

All in all a successful camp that we all made it through apart from the gazebo which collapsed in the middle of the night due to heavy rain, oh and rumour has it that Ric snuck off and slept in his car!!!!!!!

Next up is flight club although, please arrange your own hang outs." 

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