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Request a Mentor

How it works


Identify where you need help in your life e.g. fatherhood, marriage, career etc.


Fill in the form (below)


Wait for the moderator to upload to the website (24hr max). 


Wait for a mentor to step up.  Make plans to meet them.  We will provide you with their contact details. 

Mentoring boundaries

1.  You can only post on here if you are over 18 years old. 

2.  We are essentially acting as a noticeboard for you.  Once you are connected to your mentor, its down to you both to decide where/how to meet.  

3.  It can be a one-off meet up or an ongoing thing. 

4.  Remember the mentor is volunteering their time to help you - treat them with respect (not that we need to tell you this!). 

Any questions? 

Congratulations on taking a brave step to ask for wisdom.  Our moderators will publish the post within 24 working hours, and confirm it is up.  Details of all of the men who respond will be sent to you directly.  Any questions, please email us at 

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