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Two New Initiatives Launched by The Praus Movement

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

We are delighted to announce not one but two new initiatives. The two initiatives are solutions to some of the challenges and problems facing men in particular.

Problem: Men are struggling with loneliness, citing a lack of male friendships as a key issue (see, for example, this study for details).

Our solution: Hang Outs

On this page you can either create a hang out or search for one. As men tend to thrive on more indirect communication (doing things together based on mutual interest or purpose) rather than direct (sat face to face talking) we recommend your hang-out has an activity you love at its heart - e.g. watching the rugby, playing computer games, going surfing, tackling a societal problem like poverty, making music, going to the movies, eating food or going fishing etc. Perhaps you could even learn something new.

These hang-outs could be ongoing or a one-off e.g. do you want to watch a particular football match or see a film at the cinema?

For more details, click here

This initiative builds on our other activities, designed in part, to help men do life together - for more about what we do, check out our 'Start Here' page.

Problem: Men often lack input from their fathers or do not have access to senior men who can guide them on key issues, leading to no progress or slow progress in important matters such as family, health, calling etc.

Our solution: Find a Mentor

Great men stand on the shoulders of giants. They seek help and ask questions of those men who have already walked the walk they are about to embark on.

Mentoring can be an ongoing relationship or a one-off meet-up. If you are looking for such support, you can fill out a form on our Find a Mentor page and your request (not your name and personal details) will be posted on this page and potential mentors can will let us know they are willing to help you. We will then introduce you both via email and you can arrange a convenient way to meet up.

For more info, click here.

We have some exciting events coming up in the next 12 months so be sure to check back here soon.

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