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Change the world

Create or Join a Mission Taskforce

The world needs good men to step up and take on injustice in every form. 


Whether you want to tackle and find solutions to poverty, homelessness, human trafficking/slavery, inequalities, fatherlessness, environmental issues and so forth - creating or joining a mission taskforce is a great place to start.  You can join likeminded individuals, with varying skills and gifts, to brainstorm and then crucially mobilise and take action.  

Our Guide, 'Mission Taskforce:  Save the World' is available for free here to help you create your own Taskforce and run it in a way that leads to tangible results.  For an example of one of the greatest Mission Taskforces to ever exist, click here.  

You can create a Mission Taskforce by filling in this simple form.  

You can join one by clicking on the Mission Taskforce you want to join below.  

Create your Mission Taskforce

Join a Mission Taskforce

Here are our current Mission Taskforces.  Click on the one you want to join and fill out the form.  Your details will be sent to the Taskforce leader who will contact you.  It's that simple.

The Clapham Sect

How the ultimate Mission Taskforce brought about the abolitian of slavery.

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