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Image by Firdouss Ross

Band of Brothers

We cannot become great men alone. 

Yet, not many of us can claim to have a consistent, tight-knit group of male friends.  Now, we don't mean those surface-level social interactions.  Men have plenty of those.  We are talking relationships of depth, where men journey together through the highs and the lows of life, holding each other accountable, adventuring together and sharing hobbies and interests.  Our Band of Brothers groups build depth by doing things they love - fishing, mountain climbing, surfing, eating - whilst going through the BBQ and Bootcamp materials.  Eventually, they help each other in times of challenge, and hold each other accountable.  This builds a lifelong brotherhood, developing great men in all who belong.

How it works

Step 1 - Attend Bootcamp & BBQ 

Join the full men's group at our Bootcamp & BBQ event, where we unpack key teaching, to help you become a great man (praus). 

Step 2 - Join a Band of Brothers group 

Join a group of 3-5 men (one trained Praus Movement leader).  Join based on shared interest, where you can do regular activities together.  Answer questions set at Bootcamp & BBQ together.  

Step 3 - Do life together

Kick on.  Meet whenever and wherever.  Hold each other accountable.  Push each other onto greater things.  Coach each other, walk through the valleys together.  Win at life. 

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